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Flipper Cowboy Playfield shopping, etc


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It appears that all the relay coils were replaced at some 
point in time. I never change those unless they are dead
 or noisy So I replace all the essential Coils and 
springs, grommets, etc,etc associated with pop bumpers, kickers,
bells, knocker& flippers 

Whoa doggies.. whats this... a left flipper lever arm on the right flipper,
so the End of stroke switch never opens, no wonder why the coil sleeve is melted
in the coil!  off to the parts bin. (a 3/32 hex wrench is the correct tool
for removing the set screw in the flipper lever arm, just buy one for around 
$3 at a hardware  store and put it in your toolbox)

All new lamp sockets are installed with brandie new #47 lamps!

Oh yeah.. the roto spin.. I remember playing it before I took the machine.
it did not stop correctly, checked it all out per the Gottlieb factory specs
and it looks good aside from cleaning the gook out of the gears. then I
noticed that the target assembly is loose on the shaft.  Thanks to Steve
young at the pinball resource for the hex T-wrench to get in there
and tighten the hex-nut on the shaft spider.

So lets put the playfield back in the machine and clean this puppy! take a gander at this roto spin cover! You'll be able to eat off it when I'm done. heres the playfield in progress! the chrome arch on top of the machine is so peened over from the ball riding along it (I've never seen one so bad) its off to the parts machine again. Maybe it was so bad because the ball gate atop of the ball shooter lane was messed up. when the ball hit it returning from the rebound rubber it was dead! I never saw this problem either..... another hard to find part..... It pays to buy dead machines for parts! heres the top of the playfield after cleaning, polishing, re-ringing. The bumpers have new skirts, new lamp sockets & correct #51 lamps, polished metal rings and mylar trim platters installed to prevent furthre playfield damage as here is some wear. heres the center of the playfield, notice the re-facing sticker on the fan target. I can't find the stickers for the roto targets so I'm going to do them on the computer then place mylar over them, but thats a future project right now. aaahhhhhh, couldn't figure out why those slits are in the bottom arch to hold the score card, I guess?? YUP! its half peeled off masking tape coverd over by nice sticky, goopy, electrical tape. This is a job for record repair man! Yup this is a technique I've used for years to remove stickers off of record covers. First heat it up and peel ever so slowly, let the heat do the work!! Next use lighter fluid applied to a rag to remove the goopy mess! Keep using a fresh peice of the rag, you want to take goop off not smear it around! It did not remove any of the original paint nor the webbing on the arch. On to the back box. All new #47 lamps were installed, the clear windows were cleaned on the back glass. I installed a yellow lamp cover behind the cowboy, this totaly hides the minor flake which I repaired earlier. Fresh weather stripping was installed to hold the glass tight in the back box and it was also placed over the staples holding the animation box in place so the staples won't cause further damage. A bit of touch up paint applied to the foam weather stripping masks the scratches from the staples. Score reels were cleaned and polished. And finally a bit of rewiring.. 2 relays were rewired with jumpers installed which looks like a birds nest, and you can't trace the wires if you need to trouble shoot. further more there is a williams relay installed, which has some burnt low current contacts because they are wired to high current solonids.... YIKES!. Hers the completed repair, correct relays coils, wiring..etc. Click here for the next page.. Lets plug this baby in! please use your browsers BACK button to return Back to the Top