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flipper Cowboy Final Touches


There were lots of little annoying things wrong which required a few
hours of trouble shooting. This is expected, and of course I probably
caused a few by being in there rebuilding
-Weak flippers - EOS switches always open! Simple adjustment.
-Did not give multiple free balls sometimes off of the roto spin (adjust motor switches)
-ONES score reel scoring erratically (dis-assemble score reel & clean, adjust motor switches)
-Sling shot scoring 1 & 10 points backwards! (I broke a ground wire this caused
  the 10 point when lit inserts to light backwards!)

finally the last steps!
- Put on new legs and leg levelors.  
- Install the new coin door
- Install new flipper buttons 
- Install new  flippers (might as well go all the way!)
- lube steppers, motor, cams, etc..etc... per factory specs

The machine now LOOKS and PLAYS just like it did when it rolled of the assembly line back in 1961. I can't believe the action on this machine. W E D G E H E A D S ARE......... T H E B E S T !!

OK! Sometimes I gotta ask myself... is this all worth it.. I put over 60 hours of my spare time to restore this machine. Somehow this picture puts it all in perspective! I Guess you had to be there when I fired it up for my Son and POW-POW-POW-POW-POW the cowboy unloaded 5 shots at the beginning of the game. please use your browsers BACK button to return Back to the Top