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Flipper Cowboy Cabinet restoration


This is a pic of the machine I found in the machine, taken by the original
owner. As you can see its painted.
I know this is gonna be a job, the previous owner (since around 1966) said
he thought it was brown, so I figger' the operator who sold it painted it because
it took alot of route abuse.

Cheese   Louise! there ain't One, Two, Three no my friends, there are Four
Freakin' coats of paint, and of course some is latex, some is spray paint.
Above is the front of the box with 2 coats of paint removed, only 2 more to go,
maybe I should just go for the belt sander.... no.. gotta see whats left of 
the original paint.

Here is the back box.. trouble man.... if I rub any harder the original paint is
a gonner.

And now the clincher.... its a re-paint job! No doubt about it.

My tears dry as I visit my local hardware store for painting materials.

takes about 15 hours to complete the paint job, making an elaborate
drawing with measurements of the original artwork, then  sanding down to the
wood, filling the battle scars with bondo, masking, priming,  painting, more 
masking, painting and finally applying the webbing.

here is the box masked with painters tape for application of the red-orange
stripes. Its important to  put the non stick edge of the tape to the paint
line, you get that nice little bit of overshoot which looks like the original

here is the artwork masked off with the silver webbing already applied.

More cabinet details:
the ball shooter guide, (mounted on the  outside of the machine) needed 
paint removal also then meticulous polishing with Novus #3 plastics
polish, then Novus #2 before it came up to a beautiful shine.

The door & other metal was cleaned up by the door has been in battle with a
10 year old. Scratched practically beyond repair in the center, Its 70 bucks
for a repro door, but of course it has 3 holes in it, so eventually the original
door will be sanded with emery to remove all scratches then re-chromed.

the coin entry plate and coin return turnaround clean up nice!

Bummer (I'm not shocked at this point) the ball shooter (plunger) has 1 inch
sawed off of it!...  A 1963 parts machine supplys the correct part.

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