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flipper Cowbow

Yeeeee-ha 'podners..... gather 'round while I tell you the story of our flipper Cowboy.

Well is all started when my wife and I played a restored flipper Cowboy at the Classic
Pinball show in New Jersey in 1998.  We loved playing the game, it was very challenging
and we knew the kids would love the shooting cowboy in the backglass!

Below is a picture of the original glass in the machine as I got it. 

The glass is real nice but has some minor scratches where staples hold the
animation box into the backbox of the machine. Also the cowbow has one flake
the very first thing I did was  to seal this  with a few shots of clear lacquer, and the
flake laid down !

So just how did I get the machine to look like this!

ever hear the expression "things are gonna get worse before they get better"
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