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World Fair




WORLD FAIR is a true classic pin game! The theme of course is a Fair. It was released at the time the WORLDS FAIR was happening in New York. Apparently due to legal reasons the machine was named WORLD instead of WORLDS FAIR. There are 2 ways of winning replays. Scoring Points or Lighting all the cars on the Ferris Wheel. 1200 points wins one replay with additional replays awarded for 1400, 1500 and 1600 points. Most bumpers are 1 point and 10 points when lit. There are 2 regular bumpers at the top and also the slingshot kickers by the flippers which alternate back and forth lighting up for 10 points. The SPIN bumpers are 40 points when lit. Dropping the ball down the outlanes scores 100 points and the outhole scores 30 points. When the ball goes down the left outlane with moderate speed it is possible to get a bounce back off the bottom arch by the outhole. This is an easy way to rack up points as the out lanes score 100 points! The playfield has 11 ball rollover lanes each of which scores 10 points and lights up a car on the ferris wheel. Car number 4 thru 8 are located in 5 lanes on top. 3 and 2 are on the left, 9 and 10 on the right of the playfield. 1 is on the left outlane and 11 on the right outlane. Ferris Wheel cars may also be 'SPOTTED' on the roto spin unit. This unit is located in the center of the playfield and actually stands off the playfield. A SPIN is achieved whenever a LIT SPIN bumper is hit or the ball drains 7 bumpers are located around the Spin Unit. Only 1 is Lit at a time. Hhitting a lit bumper advances to light the next bumper in a counter clockwise fashion. You also get a Spin as each ball reaches the outhole. There are 15 numbers on the Spin Unit, some numbers appear twice. It is interesting to note that the numbers which appear only once, of course, are harder to get. Especially the 4 and the 8 which appear once only, these are a plunger shot only, each at one of the far ends at the top of the playfield. Ocassionally you can send the ball up one of the lanes at the top, but it does not happen often. Once all 11 ferris Wheel Cars are lit a free game is awarded and the Special is LIT. The Special randomly lights up a single rollover. Getting the LIT rollover awards another free game. The Lit rollover changes everytime you hit a bumper or kicker. It's easier to try to get spin's and take a random chance of getting the lit rollover instead of chasing after the lit Rollover. Whats cool is when you get the Special before you last ball and when the ball drains one of the rollovers on top is LIT. A replay is a plunger shot away! The Spin Unit is what adds so much fun and excitement to the game. Quite often you'll need one more car on the Ferris Wheel and hit a lit 'spin' bumper and KNOCK! a replay! and the Special is LIT. Its also great to need one more car and get that final SPIN on the 5th ball in the outhole and get that last car. Back to the Top