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The second machine I acquired was a 1964 Gottlieb World Fair.  
I specifically wanted this machine because I loved to
play it as a kid.

So I drive 3 hours lay out the cash and drive 3 hrs home with the machine!

So I won't be able to start restoring the machine for  a few
weeks so we set it up and play it.

p l e a s e    w a i t   f o r   i m a g e s     t o     l o a d

Heres the wiz playing the first  game after we set it up. 
Amazingly the machine only needs a couple of light sockets cleaned and 
one switch adjustment on a pop bumper and it plays great! 


front coin door view, someone painted over the rust with silver
paint. note that  the coin entry slot is badly pitted and rusted,
though the picture does not show it well.
I have already repaired the wood around the ball shooter in
this picture with what else... BONDO. One of the screws fell 
out and the owner continued
to play the machine, the slop in the ball shooter caused about
1/4 of an inch of the wood to wear away on the left side where
the screw was missing. When I got the machine 2 small nails
were holding the ball shooter in place.

Heres the backglass, I suspect its the original. The picture does
not show the wear that good because of the flash on the camera.
The letters O, R and L in WORLD have peeling, the blue
area above the statue of liberty has peeling, Car number 10 & 11
have a small peel spot on both and there is a crack in the paint
by the 1,000 light and some scratches between the score reels.

Though not noticible the white and blue have been touched up
with a brush.

Cabinet Restoration.
The first thing I did was to vacuum out the machine top to

this picture  shows the box after applying  the blue shapes with orange stripes.

back box masked for blue paint over white base coat

completed blue on white backbox.

Cabinet and back box side view

WOW! Now we're looking like a Pinball Machine. Its amazing what an effect
the webbing paint  can do for the overall appearance.

Heres one Happy Camper! Oh Boy Dad when can I play!

Playfield shopping.

above.. the relay bank on top has been un-screwed and carefully
moved for access to clean  the 4 thru 8 rollover light bulb sockets
and plastic inserts. I am pointing to the #7 plastic insert note the bulb
socket is removed, the others are in place.

Next every contact on every switch was filed with
a flexstone file. This includes relay stacks, rollovers, bumpers.. etc.. 

Finally all the rollover wire forms in ball lanes were removed 
from the playfield and cleaned.

Heres a shot of the underside of the playfield. Its nice!

OK.. so I took the picture with out the lockdown bar on.

new backglass... looking good!

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