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Playing Williams PIT STOP (1968)

PIT STOP! Definitely one of the better Williams games from the period. A 2 player game with 2 winning themes. Points or LAPS! Center playfield is a race track. yellow and red plastic inserts mark lengths around the track of each player. You advance by making one of three rollovers atop the machine. the right and left rollover as well as 2 of the targets above the pop bumpers will light the left and right pop bumper for advancing you car one length. the center pop bumper always advances your car. 3 targets, side and mid playfield also advance your car. A ramp to the top of the playfield advances you across the finish line to score a lap. the out lanes when lit do this also. The ramp also awards same player shoots again when lit. While all this is going on you are racking up points for replay awards also. This game can be a fast drain! Practice and practice alone will give you the insight on how to play the ball off the slingshots and avoid the gaping side outlanes. Back to the Top