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     My home away from home, I'm constantly here for reference.
     Russ Jensens Home Page
     Russ is truely an authoritive figure dealing with pinball history
     Marvin's  Restoring an old pinball. YOU MUST visit this site. 
     The Game Archive  This is an excellent page on Playfield Restoration.
     Mercury Amusement Evan Wessel on Flipper Maintenance
     Mercury Amusement Evan Wessel on Relay Repair
     Mercury Amusement Evan Wessel on Score Reel Maintenance
     Dremel  The Dremel Home Page, This tool is a must!
     e-mail Steve Young at The PinballResource  Parts, Service and Technical Support  

   Steve Engle at MAYFAIR AMUSEMENTS  Parts, parts & more parts.. more backglasses than anyone!!                                  
     Pinball NostalgiaThis site has 100's of links to other pinball sites Plus lost of pictures! 
     Pinball LINKS Micky has done a terriffic job linking up other sites with photos and pin info! 
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