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Playing Williams LINE DRIVE (1972)

A must for every gameroom is a baseball machine! Baseball is a game whose theme is easily integrated into a pin game, and has been done so since the earliest of pins in the 1930's It wasn't until 1947 that Williams introduced a machine with the man running unit. That invention incorporated with 'pitch and bat' mechanisms, made Williams the number One manufacturer of baseball machines of all time! for an in depth history of baseballs you should visit marvins
The Line Drive was one of the 2 baseballs Williams made in 1972. What separates Line Drive from the pack is that it was the second machine with sound, and the first with sound and a man running unit. To top it off it has simulated fireworks on the backglass. If you need a description of how baseball is played, well that would get you shot in the War so don't expect one here.(I'm talking mid 1900's U.S. History). As the Line Drive is played the white noise sound effect simulates crowd noise, as hits are made the crowd noise is raised and then lowered acompanied with whistles. A Home Run is accompanied by the loud crowd and loud booms as the stars on the back glass light up from the bottom to the top, simulating fireworks as a siren is fired off and slowly fades as the game play resumes. Another nice feature is the grand slam hold over feature. A score reel in the backglass keeps a running total of grand slams to date. When the 6th Grand Slam is reached 2 free games are awarded. Line Drive is a 2 player game and the ONLY way to play is one player pitching to the other player! Though a relatively small number of baseballs were made in comparison to Pinballs, there are lots of them available. A Baseball Machine is one of the best game room investments you can make! Back to the Top