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Flipper Pool




FLIPPER POOL is the Add-a-Ball version of Bank-A-Ball (1965). This is one of the best designed games of the mid 60's. Balls are awarded by points and by racking up pool balls by going over rollovers or hitting targets. This machine has historical notation as being the first machine to feature flipper return lanes. To players of the day this was like getting a free ball if the ball happened to go down the out lane but then was guided back to the flipper by a wire form. One of the nicest features is the backbox animation and the wonderful sounds emanating from the cabinet as only an electromechanical machine can do. As rollovers or targets are hit the corresponding miniature pool ball drops down in the back glass. As this happens 50 points are scored so the 10 point bell clangs 10 times as well as a nice 'ka-chunk' as the relay which drops the pool ball engages. There are 3 bells 1, 10 and 100 points, the 100 point bell is located in the cabinet and gives off a full rich ring, the 1 and 10 as usual are in the backbox. Bank a Ball awards replays when the Specials are lit by racking pool balls, Once all 15 balls are made the rack does not reset. Flipper Pool on the other hand is a bit different. First of all there is only one rollover or target for each pool ball except the 15 ball, which is located on both out lanes. The most common setting for awarding Free balls is racking up 8, 11, 14 and 15 pool balls. Since this is an Add-a-Ball, the pool balls reset after racking the last ball, so you have the chance to get more free balls by racking balls again! This game is by no means easy, there is no spinner or random way to 'spot' a pool ball, you must make a rollover or target. And there is only one rollover or target for each pool ball. Many times it is difficult to get the 14th or 15th (last) ball before the game is over. Another difference between these two cousins is 2 rollover lanes located on each side of the playfield in the center of the machine. Bank-a-Ball uses these for the 14 and 6 ball as well as a LOW and HIGH Special. Flipper Pool uses these for the 14 and 6 also but replaces the specials with a Mystery Score which scores anywhere from 100 to 500. The 2 lanes alternate back and forth being lit. Its nice to hear the 100 point bell, bong, bong, bong telling you your Mystery Score! Balls are awarded for point scores also, 2000, 4000, and 5000 all award free balls. It's unfortunate that 5000 is the highest score you can set the jumpers in the backbox for awarding a free game, Id rather set the machine at 2, 4, 6, and 8 thousand for free balls. (Does anyone know how to do this??.. save me some time.. I'll get time to study the schematic sooner or later and figure out how to modify it) Flipper Pool is Very Addictive! I would caution anyone who thinks they are going to find this game and play it for a while, then trade it away... it may become a permanent fixture in your home! Click Here for a "Bank a Ball" Story at Mercury Amusement Back to the Top