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Playing Williams Big Deal (1977)

Click here to see the backglass at the IPD The Big Deal is a 4 player game based on Cards. Replays are awarded for high score and hitting targets. A same player shoots again ball is awarded for passing through the horseshoe when lit. The game is alot of fun to play because of all the features,a ramp,3 targets, 7 drop targets and a horse shoe. Because it is a 4 player everything is reset for each ball, play does not carry over from one ball to the next. The key to winning by score is to achieve bonus points which are awarded when the ball drains. There are 4 rollover ball lanes at the very top each one an Ace of a different suit. 2 outlanes to the drain are rollovers for the black Aces and 2 rollover lanes which return to each flipper are the red Aces. Every rollover awards one bonus worth 10,000 points. 3 Targets also advance the bonus as well as a ramp on the left which permits re-entry to the top 4 ball lanes. Getting all four Aces awards a Double Bonus and lites the 5000 point rollover in the ramp. As each Ace is collected the points for the horse shoe advance by 10,000 for a total of 40,000. 3 drop targets in the center spell 'BIG' and 4 on the right spell 'DEAL'. By dropping either BIG or DEAL lights the #1 Star. By dropping either target again the #2 Star lights up as well a the same player shoots again for going through the horseshoe. By dropping BIG and DEAL when the #1 and #2 Stars are lit awards a replay. Due to the presence of a pin with a small rubber ring in front of the outhole, if the ball drains at a rather fast speed down the right outlane it is possible to bounce it back into play with a sharp push on the right side of the front of the machine. I received all the paperwork with this machine and found a foil strip which is for hiding the number of replays in the backglass. Naturally the foil scans black because it reflects the light back at the scanner. I learned what this is for from visiting Russ Jensens website. Apparently due to gambling laws in certain States and Locales, it is legal to win free games but it is legal only if the player can not sell his games. Selling your games is considered by these states to be gambling. The player (BETS) puts in a quarter, that he will WIN (winnings are indicated by the number of replays in the backglass), and COLLECTS by selling his games to another player. If the number of games are hidden this is difficult. That small plastic peice which lights up right above the instruction card indicates that there are replays on the machine but there is no way to tell how many.

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