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Playing Gottlieb's CARD WHIZ (1976)

Card Whiz A typical mid 70's 2 Player from Gottlieb. The 4 Player model is ROYAL FLUSH. This game is a typical multi-player scoring bonus points at the end of each ball. But... sharpen your stop and shoot flipper techniques if you want to make those targets! The ball will speed this way and that out of control off those powerful slingshots. the bonus scoring is like this: a pair of Kings OR Jacks 1000 pts a pair of Kings AND Jacks 2000 pts Three Queens 3000 pts Full House - 3 Queens + a pair of Kings OR Jacks 4000 pts Royal Flush 5000 pts. The double bonus only comes on for the last ball in play. Scoring each of the 3 jokers by the top rollovers or the individual joker targets increases the value of the kicker hole. All 3 jokers light the kicker hole for a Special. If you like drop target games, this is a good one aside from the jokers theres not too much to the play except competing against another player! Back to the Top