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Playing Bally's 2 in 1 (1963)

Originally 10 cents a play, featuring a ball kicker which delivers the ball to the ballshooter lane. It is a 2 player replay machine, it has no "Same Player Shoots Again" feature. Each player has 2 sets of score reels. The topmost score reel is for points scoring and has 3 yellow reels with black numbers a one thousand light which lights up yellow. The second set of score reels is for scoring 21 and has 2 yellow reels with red numbers. Replays are awarded for high scoring and if a player has 21 at the end of the 5th ball a replay is awarded. Score is achieved as usual for games of this period by hitting thumper bumpers,slingshot kickers and rollovers. Thumpers are lit for 10 points in a what seems a random rotating fashion, none lit, one lit, another one lit, the other one lit, two lit, a different two lit, all three lit, then back to none lit. The rotation made each time a thumper bumper or kicker is hit. The highest single point score is 50 points for center top rollovers when lit, the 2 outlanes when lit and flipping the ball up the ramp. The ramp is located on the left side of the playfield which leads to the top of the playfield. Normally the rollover lanes at the top of the playfield score towards 21, however rebounding off the rubber on the right side at the top of the machine lights up those rollovers for point scoring. 21 score is also achieved by hitting any of 5 yellow bumpers on the playfield. These bumpers do not give any action to the ball except to rebound off a rubber ring, they are just for scoring "21". A unique 'HOLD' button can freeze a players 21 scoring off of the yellow bumpers on the playfield. If a player reaches 21 before his or her last ball, this button can be pressed before the next ball is shot and lights up an area on the backglass stating "HOLD 21 SCORE". A skill shot is required when using the Hold 21 if you already have scored exactly 21. This is because the rollover lanes atop the playfield will still score 21 unless you hit the rebound rubber mentioned above. The same is true if you send the ball up top via the ramp. But there is more strategy to using the HOLD button than just mentioned. If you are good at going up the ramp you can HOLD 21 during all 5 balls and score 21 from the rollovers atop the playfield. or.. if you get close to 21 on ball 2, or 3 you HOLD 21 so you can also try to win by high score. Its really neat when you have '19' for example and its ball 5. You take the plunger shot, and if you make the '2' just before it hits the rollover you can press the 'HOLD 21', so you've scored 21 and can play out the ball for high score. If you miss the '2' on the shot, take a '1', don't hold, then shoot for a yellow '21' bumper, then drop the ball at '21'. Overall this has become one of our favorite games because it is such a fun game to play and of course "It's More Fun To Compete" Back to the Top